Sports field line marking paint - 14 kg

Sports field line marking paint - 14 kg

10 litres = 14 kg
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Item description

Rain resistant, bright white line marking paint for sports fields with excellent adhesion. Ideally suited for lawn and ash pitches. Can also be used on wet sports fields;

The sports field marking paint is low-odour, contains no solvents and is therefore very environmentally friendly. The other advantages of this paint, which has been specially developed for line marking with spray marker cars/wet marker carts, are that it is particularly water-dilutable, rain-resistant, has good adhesion and can be stored. In addition, you will get an excellent result regarding Luminosity and cover. Use in all conventional wet marking carts.

The line marking paint can be stored up to 2 years thanks to its high quality. A larger purchase quantity to achieve a better unit price and save shipping costs is possible without any problems due to the extra long durability. We also offer this marking paint as a package with 10 canisters;

Mixing ratio for initial marking: 1:3 (colour:water)

Mixing ratio for subsequent marking: 1:5 ( colour:water)

basic price per 100 ml: 0,29 €

Important: It is best to order the canisters in even numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10 pcs. etc.) to avoid possible transport damages.

At a glance

  • 14 kg canister of marking paint for spray carts 
  • solvent-free and low-odour, e.g;especially rain resistant
  • excellent water dilutable, best storage stability
  • bright white and highly opaque, e.g;quick drying
  • good adhesion even on damp surfaces
  • plant compatible and groundwater neutral
  • no impairment of the lawn growth
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