Wet marking trolley 202B - with electric pump

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Wet marking trolley RGM 202B with electric pump - High quality wet marking trolley made in Germany. Sports field marking has never been easier or more time-saving!

Electric diaphragm pump

This marking carriage generates the required spray pressure by means of a membrane pump. This pump is powered by a maintenance-free 12 Volt battery. The running time is approx. 5 hours when the battery is charged, charging is done via a charging socket. Delivery including charger. All known marking colours can be used. In order to prolong the life of the pump, we recommend our special marking paint R2000, which is particularly gentle on the equipment;

Practical and dimensionally accurate spraying device

The spraying device is located at the front in the operator's field of vision and is adjustable both laterally and in height. The line width can thus be adjusted to 50 - 120mm, depending on the requirements. By pulling the lever on the handlebar, the spray nozzle releases paint and the line can be marked with pinpoint accuracy.

Time-saving construction with two ink containers

The very practical thing about this wet marking trolley is the construction with two Plastic paint containers, each with its own outlet stopcock. One 13-litre and one 16-litre canister are included. The 16 litre canister is filled with the marking paint (ratio water:paint = 4:1) and the 13 litre canister with water. With 16 litres of paint you can now easily mark the whole football field. The subsequent cleaning of the pump, hoses and nozzle is very simple and time-saving by closing the tap on the paint tank and opening the tap on the water tank. By pulling the hand lever, the water from the water tank is now directed through the device and the marking carriage cleans itself within one minute. No need to dismantle the tanks, pump, hoses or nozzle. No manual cleaning. Marking, change tank inlet, done.

Frame construction

The marking trolley has a stable tubular steel frame with powder-coated stove enamel. All small parts are galvanized. 4 pneumatic balloon wheels 260 x 85mm with roller bearings ensure smooth running and exact lines. The guide handlebar is removable and height adjustable. Dimensions: 80 bsp x 54 bsp x 56 cm, weight: 24 bsp kg

Mixing ratio

Compared to the 202B wet marking truck with mechanical pump, the 202B wet marking truck with electric pump applies 30-50% more pressure to spray the paint on the lawn. For this reason, a mixing ratio of 1:6 (ink:water) is recommended compared to the mechanical-pump wet marking cart. In spite of the lower ink content, this does not reduce the result on the field in any way, as the higher pressure means that more ink is sprayed at the same time.

All spare parts can be supplied on a long-term basis.


product video: RGM wet marking car - electric


At a glance:

  • Robust wet marking cart with membrane pump
  • Spray pressure by 12 Volt battery (incl. charger)
  • Marking line width: 50-120 mm (variable)
  • Spraying device mounted in the field of vision
  • Two plastic containers, each with its own stopcock
  • Steel frame construction on 4 balloon wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • Dimensions: 80 x 54 x 56 cm
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Delivery including operating and maintenance instructions
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