Wet marking trolley 101B - with electric pump

very robust and durable!
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Wet marking trolley RGM 101B with electric pump - High-quality wet marking trolley made in Germany with 1-container system. Sports field marking has never been easier or more time-saving!

Electric diaphragm pump

This marking carriage generates the required spray pressure by means of a diaphragm pump which is screwed onto the paint container. The power supply is provided by a 9.6 Volt rechargeable battery pack, which consists of 8 standard, rechargeable batteries. The pump pressure is approx. 2 bar and the running time is approx. 3 hours when the battery is charged. Delivery including charger. All known marking colours can be used.

Practical and dimensionally accurate spraying device

The spraying device is located at the front in the operator's field of vision and is adjustable both laterally and in height. The line width can thus be adjusted to 50 - 120mm, depending on the requirements. By pulling the lever on the handlebar, the spray nozzle releases paint and the line can be marked with pinpoint accuracy.

Removable paint container with extra spray lance

The extra large 16 litre paint container holds enough paint to mark an entire football pitch with one filling. The paint container can be removed in one easy step and connected to the supplied spray lance. This allows small and precise touch-up work, for example on the goalposts or the quarter circles on the corner flags. After the marking work, simply remove the remaining paint mixture from the container and clean the container, pressure hose and nozzle with water, finished.

Frame construction

The marking trolley has a stable tubular steel frame with powder-coated stove enamel. All small parts are galvanized. 4 pneumatic balloon wheels 260 x 85 mm with roller bearings ensure smooth running and exact lines. The guide handlebar is removable and height adjustable. Dimensions: 80 x 54 x 56 cm, weight: 16 kg

At a glance:

  • Robust 1-container wet marking cart with membrane pump
  • Spray pressure by 9.6 Volt battery (incl. charger)
  • Marking line width: 50-120 mm (variable)
  • Spraying device mounted in the field of vision
  • Removable paint container incl. extra spray lance
  • Steel frame construction on 4 balloon wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • Dimensions: 80 x 54 x 56 cm
  • Weight: 16 kg
  • Delivery including operating and maintenance instructions
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