ELF Sports reversible bib with print "anstoss24.de
ELF Sports reversible bib with print "anstoss24.deELF Sports reversible bib with print "anstoss24.deELF Sports reversible bib with print "anstoss24.deELF Sports reversible bib with print "anstoss24.de

ELF Sports reversible bib with print "anstoss24.de

Colour combinations: red/yellow & black/sky blue
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Item description

2 in 1 turn bodice in absolute top quality!

The high-quality and durable training bib is made of 100% polyester and is available in the combinations red/yellow and black/sky blue. The colours of the ELF Sports bodysuits are chosen in a way that they can be easily distinguished and therefore two different teams can be marked with one and the same bodysuit. In principle you only need one kind of bodice and you can always switch between the two colours. For example, if a player wants to change the team, he simply turns his bodice over to the other color.

In addition, the neck and arm openings of the bodices are reinforced to be even more tear-resistant and to withstand the demands of intensive training and duels.

The bodysuits are available in the sizes XS, M-L and XL, as well as two different colour combinations (red/yellow and black/sky blue).

Measurements XS: length 62 cm, width 48 cm, shoulder width 32 cm, armhole 20 cm, neckline depth 13 cm

Dimensions M-L: length 74 cm, width 58 cm, shoulder width 36 cm, armhole 23 cm, depth of cut-out 15 cm

Dimensions XL: Length 75 cm, width 64 cm, shoulder width 38 cm, armhole 28 cm, cut-out depth 18 cm

At a glance

  • High-quality, modern and tear-resistant ELF Sports Turning bodice
  • 2 colours in one bodice
  • Reinforced edge seams
  • Sizes: XS, M-L and XLFor example..;colors: red/yellow & black/sky blue
  • breathable functional material, fast drying (100% polyester)

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