Sport Lavit - Horse ointment - relaxing and regenerating

Sport Lavit - Horse ointment - relaxing and regenerating

500ml pot
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Sport Lavit Horse Balm - Developed for the horse, discovered for man. The Sport Lavit horse ointment is ideally suited for the surface treatment of muscular injuries;

The human cosmetic with arnica, rosemary and horse chestnut extract cools, relaxes and activates after stress and fatigue. The cooling gel is simply massaged into the affected area and unfolds its healing effect all by itself. Formerly considered an insider tip, it is now a very popular product among footballers. Basic price per 100 ml: 2,18 €.

At a glance:

  • Horse ointment best suited to treat muscular injuries
  • Relaxes and regenerates after sports activities
  • Cooling
  • quantity: 500 ml
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