Sale DERBYSTAR Training ball for goalkeepers - KEEPER

DERBYSTAR Training ball for goalkeepers - KEEPER

Size 5 - 1 kilogram
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The DERBYSTAR training ball for goalkeepers - KEEPER.

A special ball with a weight of 1 kg, which is ideal for goalkeeper training. Whether for strength and endurance exercises or to optimize the catching technique and the throws, the Derbystar Training Ball - KEEPER is a versatile training tool for the man between the posts and almost indispensable for every ambitious goalkeeper.

In addition, the Training Ball for goalkeepers consists of extremely durable PU material and is hand-sewn, which gives the ball its durability. That is why Uhlsport offers a two-year warranty on seam and shape!

At a glance

  • Training ball for goalkeepers size 5
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • High durability, water repellent
  • PU material, fine grained
  • Hand sewn processing
  • 2 years warranty on seam and shape

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