ELF Sports Resistance Trainers - Legs

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With our new ELF Sports resistance trainer - legs you'll be fitter than ever.

The  elastic resistance trainer can be attached to your ankles with the two  cuffs provided and the resistance rope can be stretched between them. Now you are ready for an intensive Spring power- or Strength endurance training. The ELF Sports resistance trainer - legs is versatile, from Sidekicks to Alternate jumps about the classic jumping jack under difficult conditions you can let your creativity run free.

The further the resistance rope is pulled apart, the stronger the resistance becomes - the muscle must therefore be equivalent to an ever increasing counteract traction and is therefore optimally trained and stressed. You can also increase the intensity by tying in the second resistance rope - an exhaustive training is now guaranteed.

At a glance

  • resistance trainer for the ankles at the ankle
  • Variation of intensity possible thanks to two rubber ropes
  • loose condition: 50 cm long - stretched: 80 cm long
  • Two padded cuffs included
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