Mobile weight for tilting protection for soccer goal - different sizes different versions

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Size goal: Please choose

  • ground goal 3x2m
  • youth goal 5x2m
  • large field goal 7.32x2.44m

Depth floor frame: Please choose

  • 1.00m
  • 1.50m
  • 2.00m

cross setion floor bar: Please choose

  • Oval profile 120/100mm
  • Square profile 80x80mm
  • Rectangular profile 80x40mm (HxW)
  • Oval profile 90/75mm

EUR 730.00

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Item description

Mobile weight for tilting protection for football goals made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The weight is already filled with steel ex works and is bolted to the existing gate on site. The door, additional weight for anti-tilt protection and the transport wheels thus form a closed unit. The anti-tilt device is not lost and the door is always secured against tilting;

The foam-filled pneumatic wheels on the left and right make it possible to move the door without much effort despite the additional weight. Another advantage of the twin tyres left and right is a better pressure distribution of the weight on a total of 4 wheels. This protects the lawn or pitch and prevents the formation of ruts or pressure points

This version of the anti-tipper corresponds to the current DIN/EN, GUV (municipal accident associations) and is TÜV tested. Thanks to the additional weight, the football goal is thus secured against tipping over in accordance with the European standard.

The anti-tilt device is supplied with exactly the weight prescribed for your door. Please choose from the three options above: Door size, lower door depth/outrigger and floor rail profile door, in each case the variant that applies to your door and you will receive a tailor-made anti-tipper that complies with the current standards.

Which counterweight is prescribed for which configuration can be seen in this table:

Door typeDelivery (depth)Counterweight
Youth goal1.0 metres200 kg
Youth goalone and a half meters125 kg
Youth goal2.0 metres100 kg
Soccer field goal1.0 metres200 kg
Soccer field goalone and a half meters125 kg
Training goalone and a half meters170 kg
Training goal2.0 metres100 kg

The goods will be delivered free of charge to the desired address by a forwarding agent. 1-3 days in advance, a call will be made to the shipping company to arrange the time of delivery.

At a glance

  • Mobile weight made of hot-dip galvanized steel for anti-tilt protection
  • Two twin tyres each on the left and right Gate - Gate can be moved the wide one
  • Easy transport thanks to 4 foamed pneumatic wheels
  • TÜV-tested, DIN/EN - compliant
  • Various designs available
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