Sport Lavit - Sport Tonic - cools and revitalises

Available as 200 ml or 1000 ml bottle.
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Sport Lavit tonic - Lavit's Sport Lavit tonic is ideal for use during physical exertion and its cooling effect ensures better blood circulation in the muscles and skin.

It is particularly popular with footballers to revive tired muscles during the half-time break by rubbing the Sport Tonic into them. Especially at hot temperatures, it has a pleasant cooling effect and helps to prevent overheating of the body temperature. The Sport Tonic is available in the bottle sizes 200 ml and 1000 ml. Basic price per 100 ml: 3,45 € (200 ml); 2,69 € (1000 ml).

At a glance:

  • Cools and invigorates Skin and muscles
  • Ensures better blood circulation
  • Popular embrocation in the half time
  • Supports the cooling of the body in hot temperatures
  • Bottle sizes: 200 ml & 1000 ml
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