Sport Lavit - Sport Oil Active - Warm up oil

Available as 200 ml or 1000 ml bottle.
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Sport Lavit Sport Oil Active - Lavit's Sport Oil Active is a warm-up oil that both preserves muscle heat and protects against wetness and cold. This oil is ideal for use in the warm-up and preparation phase.

The skin and muscles are warmed and kept supple even before the sporting activity to prevent injuries in the muscle (pulled muscles, etc.) and joint area. The classic warm-up oil should not be missing in any carer's case. The warm-up oil is available in 200 ml and 1000 ml bottles. Basic price per 100 ml: 3.45 € (200 ml);  2.69 € (1000 ml).

At a glance:

  • Warming effect for muscles and joints
  • Ensures better blood circulation
  • Ideal for the warm-up and stretching phase
  • Caring oil for stressed skin 
  • Bottle sizes: 200 ml & 1000 ml
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