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Item description

Aluminium posts for ball stop nets made of stainless, stiffened oval profile with dimensions 120/100 (same shape as the posts for football goals). Optionally in 4 or 5 meters height above the ground.

The posts are supplied with the appropriate ground sockets, which are concreted into the ground at a depth of approx. 50 cm. After concreting in, the posts with a total length of 4.50 or 5.50 metres have a height of 4 or 5 metres above the floor.

The maximum distance between the posts for a ball net system should not exceed 5 metres. For example, if the net is 15 meters long, 4 posts at 5 meter intervals are recommended.

A profile groove is worked into the posts, in which the net hooks (included in delivery) can be individually locked. The safety net can be easily installed on these net hooks. Furthermore, there is no risk of injury, as the hooks are sunk into the profile of the post.

This post meets the latest safety requirements and is TÜV tested. The stability of the uprights and the entire ball catching net construction is guaranteed here thanks to the stable and thick-walled uprights even without crossbars.

Only safety nets with 12cm mesh width should be used.

The goods are delivered free of charge (only within Germany) by a forwarding agent to the desired address. 1-3 days in advance, a call will be made to the carrier to arrange the time of delivery. For deliveries abroad, additional shipping costs will be charged.

At a glance

  • 1 post oval profile 120/100
  • Absolutely stainless, stiffened
  • Height: 4m or 5 m above floor (selectable)
  • incl. net holder and ground sleeves
  • TÜV tested
  • Minimum order quantity: 4 posts
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