football goal - mobile youth goal - 5.00 x 2.00 m - fully welded, incl. goal net

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Item description

With this mobile youth goal 5.00 x 2.00 m, completely welded in one piece, the goal frame is made of high-quality oval aluminium profile 120/100 mm. Exactly this oval profile can also be found in the goals of the Bundesliga; Thanks to multiple internal profiles, the goal is extremely torsion-resistant, robust and durable. The stable ground spar made of 80 x 60 mm rectangular profile is equipped with a pressed-in groove in which the net holders supplied can be easily mounted.

The net hoops are made of particularly high-quality aluminium tubes. This goal is due to the exclusively used aluminium and the reinforcements at the corresponding welding points exactly the right thing on your sports field for many, many years.

The goal is available in three different depths:

Goal depth
1,00 m
1,50 m
2,00 m

Basically, the lower the door, the higher the stability and the higher the stability, the lower the risk of injury from tipping, especially for children.

In combination with the appropriate safety anchoring systems or a compatible additional weight, this mobile door also complies with DIN EN 748 for securing doors against tipping over, for example;

The door is supplied with a sticker which contains warnings and requirements for anti-tilt protection. Custom-fit accessories for anti-tilt protection for doors can also be found in our shop.

Of course, these gates are also supplied exclusively with the proven safety system net holders;The matching goal net with the respective display is included in the delivery.

The goods are delivered free of charge (only within Germany) by a forwarding agent to the desired address. 1-3 days in advance, a call will be made to the forwarding agent to arrange the time of delivery. For deliveries abroad, additional shipping costs will be charged.

At a glance

  • Fully welded aluminium youth goal 
  • Dimensions: 5,00 x 2,00m - depth 1,00 x 1,00 m - 0,80 x 1,50 m - 0,90 x 2,00 m 
  • batten/upright made of oval profiles 120/100 mm
  • floor spar made of 80 x 60 mm special profile
  • Surface: Natural bright aluminium
  • Available in 3 different gate depths
  • Incl. safety system net holder
  • incl. goal net: thickness 4mm, colour green, mesh size 12cm
  • Free shipping only within Germany - additional shipping costs for deliveries abroad

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