Goal net for large doors - honeycomb meshes - thickness 3.5 mm

7.50m x 2.50m
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EUR 149.90

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Item description

This goal net with honeycomb meshes is suitable for all large field goals with the dimensions 7.32 x 2.44 m. The net depth is variable:

Upper net depthLower net depth
0,80 m2,00 m
2,00 m2,00 m

The knotless processing with a material thickness of 3.5 mm corresponds to the goal nets as seen in the Bundesliga. The great advantage of knotless goal nets compared to knotted nets is the significantly lower wear. The energy during goal kicks is dampened in a way that is gentle on the material and the connections of the individual meshes do not rub. Due to the reinforced net edging, it is impossible for the net to be torn out of the net hooks;The net is made of polypropylene (PP);high strengthFor example, it has been manufactured with the highest quality of goal nets available on the market in terms of durability, weather resistance and UV stability;Furthermore, the nets are particularly robust and durable thanks to the reinforced edges.

Thanks to the improved knitting technology, this goal net looks very high quality and noble;Due to the accurate shape of the net, the assembly is very easy and can be done quickly;

The goal net is available in many colours and colour combinations to match the club colours.

Huck goal net, the best the market for goal nets has to offer. Due to the high quality materials and the perfect workmanship, these nets are unbeatable in terms of durability;Of course this goal corresponds to DIN 748 for football goals, has been tested many times and meets the highest safety standards;

At a glance

  • Goal net with honeycomb meshes for large field goals (7.32 x 2.44 m)
  • Net depth variable
  • Mesh size: 12 cm
  • Polypropylene high strength, knotless, thickness: 3,5 mm 
  • High quality look thanks to improved knitting technology
  • Different colours available
  • Easy installation thanks to accurate net shape
  • Long durability through best quality
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