Transport trolley for freestanding doors

Transport trolley for freestanding doors

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This transport trolley enables free-standing football, youth and even small field goals to be moved from A to B by just one person. To do this, the trolley is simply pushed under one of the goal's crossbars.

The trolley consists of a rectangular profile 80 x 40 mm and three wheels are mounted underneath the profile. Thanks to these three wheels, the trolley has optimum running characteristics and cannot tip over.

The wheels are extra large to facilitate driving on uneven ground. These positive running characteristics are additionally reinforced by pneumatic tyres. A safe stand of the door on the trolley is also ensured, thanks to the welded aluminium on the rectangular profile, which functions like a guide for the door's crossbar. In addition, two retaining straps are mounted on the carriage, which fix the carriage to the crossbar of the gate by tightening them.

Gates can be transported with the following floor frames:

Oval profile:120/100 mm
Square profile:80 x 80 mm
Rectangular profile:80 x 40 mm
 75 x 40 mm
 75 x 50 mm

We recommend the use of two transport trolleys for even easier transport, especially for doors measuring 7.32 x 2.44 m. Thus, one can be attached to each side of the door;

The goods are delivered free of charge to the desired address by a forwarding agent. 1-3 days in advance, a call is made to the carrier to arrange the time of delivery.

At a glance

  • Transport trolley for freestanding gates for movement by only one person
  • Rectangular profile 80 x 40 mm with attached aluminium guide
  • Two retaining straps on the carriage for additional fixing of the door
  • 3 extra large, pneumatic tires
  • Transport of doors with different floor profiles possible
  • Free delivery

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