Sale Uhlsport Youth Ball Futsal - MEDUSA ANTEO 290 ULTRA LITE

Uhlsport Youth Ball Futsal - MEDUSA ANTEO 290 ULTRA LITE

Size 3 and 4 - 290 grams
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Item description

The Uhlsport MEDUSA ANTEO 290 ULTRA LITE is a futsal ball for the youth sector with a stylish MEDUSA design and lower weight (290 gr);

Futsal balls have half the bounce and run extremely smoothly on the floor. Thus they promote a faster and technically skilled football game;

The MEDUSA ANTEO 290 ULTRA LITE  the butyl bladder reduces air pressure loss and ensures that the ball maintains its perfect roundness 

In the hall, futsal balls guarantee a lot of fun!

At a glance

  • Futsal Ball in stylish MEDUSA design
  • designed for youth football (290 gr), sizes 3 and 4, 290 grams
  • Jumping behaviour reduced by half
  • Smooth running on the hall floor for more speed
  • Low air pressure loss thanks to butyl bladder

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