2 pcs. transport rollers for freestanding doors

2 pcs. transport rollers for freestanding doors

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  • Oval profile 120/100mm
  • Square profile 80x80mm
  • Rectangular profile 80x40mm (HxW)

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The transport rollers make it possible to move free-standing goals to any place on the football pitch easily and without great effort. They not only make the work of players, coaches and groundskeepers easier, but also protect the goal itself.

They are made of aluminium brackets and pneumatic-tyred wheels with a wheel diameter of 200 mm. For mounting, they are simply pushed onto the rear floor tube and then screwed in place. By tilting the goal onto the wheels, it can then be easily transported on the sports field;

The transport rollers can be used for the following floor frames:

Oval profile:120/100 mm
Square profile:80 x 80 mm
Rectangular profile:80 x 40 mm

Two transport rollers are supplied for one door.

At a glance

  • 2 pcs. transport rollers for easier movement of goals on the sports field
  • Pneumatically tyred wheels with a wheel diameter of 200 mm
  • Very easy assembly: push on and screw on
  • Can be used for doors with different floor profiles
  • 2 rollers (1 set) required per door


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