Sale DERBYSTAR indoor football - INDOOR BETA Gr. 5

DERBYSTAR indoor football - INDOOR BETA Gr. 5

size 5, approx. 420 gram
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Item description

The DERBYSTAR Indoor football - INDOOR BETA is an excellent, hand-sewn training ball for indoor use. It has a cushioned bounce and is made of a robust suede leather-like material.

The cushioned bounce allows the ball to be better accepted and processed indoors, making the game more dynamic and fluid than with a normal football.

In addition, the DERBYSTAR balls are sewn together with 720 double stitches and 60 corner stitches and finally closed with a double knot, which makes the ball last longer.

In order to stabilize the football and to obtain a round shape, DERBYSTAR glues several layers of textile materials under the 32 fields. This Undercladding also regulates the softness and improves the contact between ball and foot Therefore the DERBYSTAR models are very water-repellent, guarantee optimal stability and unique playing characteristics.

A high quality standard is of vital importance to DERBYSTAR, which is why all balls undergo thorough quality control.

At a glance

  • Indoor soccer ball made of material similar to suede
  • Cushioned bounce
  • Slightly reduced weight (approx. 420 grams), size 5
  • Hand sewn processing
  • 2 years warranty on seam and shape

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