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Sports ground requirements for football: For a smooth process
Even though the equipment at football matches is often reduced to a blanket amount of footballs, jerseys, football boots and goals, the need for smaller items in particular is immense.

As a rule, the home team has to pay for the so-called sports ground requirements. Therefore, it is worthwhile for football clubs and local authorities to take a close look at the extent of the items required - which are available at fair prices in the football shop.

Checklist: Sports ground requirements for football matches
Sports field requirements for the playing field
Dry marking trolley: In addition to thorough turf maintenance, a cleanly marked football pitch is essential according to the statutes of the German Football Association (DFB) to ensure that the game is played correctly. With a dry marking trolley, groundskeepers can apply precise chalk or special line marking paints to the grass or ash pitch in dry conditions.
Wet marking trolley: In high humidity conditions, groundskeepers must use "harder bandages" to draw the boundary and marking lines on grass or red earth in a clean and above all durable manner. A wet marking trolley with an electric pump or hand pump ensures that the markings are still clearly visible even after 90 minutes of continuous rain and that the game can be played cleanly.
Sports field line marking paint: The good old chalk has also gradually worn out in amateur football when it comes to sports field marking. Sports field line marking paint has the advantage of being extremely resistant to all types of moisture at a favourable purchase price. A measuring aid (from Plifix, for example) helps with marking.
Ball catching nets are not a must, but they make life much easier for the home team. By catching shots that miss the goal by a few metres, the game is made fast. After all, goalkeepers no longer have to go on the sometimes laborious search for lost balls - which often disappear completely, which is more expensive for clubs in the long run than investing once in a ball catching net.
Sports field requirements for the players
Players benches/trainer benches: Even if no player likes to sit on them, players benches are a must when it comes to sports field requirements. The football shop of offers a wide range of products, from solid players' benches made of metal and plexiglass to inexpensive models made of plastic, which can be easily pushed together after the game.
Doctor's cases and accessories: Injuries do not stay away while playing football in the heat of the moment. To enable team coaches or team doctors to provide first aid quickly, offers medical kits, ice cream cases and flexible team cases as well as separately available preparations and products for pain relief. These include ice spray, heat gel, kinesiotapes and much more.
Drinks supply: Depending on external conditions and intensity, footballers lose more than two litres of fluid during a match. To compensate for this loss immediately, the sports field supply includes drinking bottles, sets of drinking bottles as well as vacuum jugs and insulated containers.
Cleaner for cleats: After the game is before the game. That's why makes it easier for maintenance staff and players to clean their often dirty football shoes with practical cleat cleaners, which reliably remove even the most stubborn dirt at a great price-performance ratio thanks to special brushes.
Sports field requirements for the referees
Referees' whistles and linesmen's flags: Host clubs are required to provide a spare set of refereeing equipment to the impartial. At you can get these basics for refereeing for a small price.

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