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Footballs make the game complete
Modern football is characterised by technology, tactics, athletics and much more. However, with all the concentration on the players of today, the essentials are often forgotten: Footballs have also undergone an enormous development over the past decades. Not only match balls, but also training balls, youth balls and all the accessories have become highly technical products in the meantime, in the development of which sporting goods manufacturers invest millions every year. The football shop offers a select selection of high-quality footballs.

This starts with match balls, such as the Derby star Brilliant APS, which will be the official match ball of the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga from the 2018/2019 season. The product range also includes training balls such as the Derbystar Brilliant TT training ball, the JAKO training ball match or the erima Hybrid Training to individual youth balls and complete ball sets including ball sacks for clubs or schools.

Football multiplication tables: differences between match balls, training balls & Co.
Cue balls are the "kings" among soccer balls. With match balls, the sporting goods companies show their entire know-how. Manufacturers are constantly breaking new ground in terms of materials, for example by combining the resistant PVC material with the softer PU material. Thanks to this combination, cue balls are characterized by very good flight characteristics and low weight. In addition, modern play balls guarantee good rebound properties and low pressure loss thanks to "round" flight bubbles and balanced valves. However, match balls are still quite sensitive in terms of their nature, which is why they should only be used on grass and artificial turf pitches and indoors (indoor football/futsal). The rough ash surface is not ideal for the soft surface material.

Training balls are the perfect all-rounders among footballs. Visually, training balls from a distance hardly differ from match balls. The differences only become apparent on closer inspection and when playing the ball: training balls are slightly heavier and less technically mature than match balls, but the essential characteristics (roundness, good flight characteristics, above-average rebound characteristics, low pressure loss) can also be found with them. The main advantages of training balls over match balls: They are cheaper to purchase and at the same time more robust. This makes them perfect for regular use - whether on grass, artificial turf, ash or indoors.

Youth balls are one to two sizes smaller and lighter than the match and training balls used in the higher youth classes as well as in the senior sector. In terms of material properties, youth balls have great similarities with training balls. They are resistant and can be used as all-rounders on all surfaces. With our ball consultant you will find the right youth balls for your age group and your national association.

Ball sets are a possibility for clubs to save money. If you purchase ten balls of a training ball model in a package, you can save up to 50 percent in some cases in the football shop compared to buying them individually.

Special accessories round off the "all-round ball assortment" in the soccer shop: Ball bags, ball nets, compressors, air pressure gauges and of course valve needles for filling the footballs ensure safe transport and optimum care.
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In the football shop you can conveniently buy match balls, training balls, youth balls, ball sets and accessories online. From the match ball Derbystar Brillant APS to outstanding JAKO footballs and Uhlsport play and training equipment, you will find an exquisite selection from all important areas in the shop.

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