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Training aids: Small parts with great effect during soccer training
For many people, soccer balls, soccer shoes and soccer goals are the essence of the soccer game. But football is not only about competition, but also about training. It is only through concentrated and structured work with the ball that the foundation for outstanding performance on the pitch is laid.

In order for clubs, communities or schools to make children, youths and adults into better kickers, coaches need special equipment of training aids. The football shop of offers a very exquisite selection of training aids at a very good price-performance ratio.

The game of football has become more and more scientific, delicate and complex over the past decades. Many areas of training theory now go hand in hand. It is no longer enough to improve endurance in preparation, to complete sprints during the season and to train standard situations or crosses with subsequent goal kicks.

Marking caps, pylons & Co. are indispensable training aids
Modern training theory comprises innumerable facets, which must be taken into account. Today, it is standard practice to do as many training exercises as possible in as little space as possible. The sense is clear: the team with the ball is thus put under severe time pressure. The learning effect is a) better technique and b) improved speed of action. Coloured marker shirts make it easier for players to recognise their team-mates from the corner of their eye.

Marking plates or hoods in signal colours are best suited to mark the boundaries of the playing field sensibly and clearly during training. They are made of robust plastic and have a correspondingly long service life. At the same time, they also give way when a player steps on them in the heat of the moment. Injuries caused by bending over can thus be avoided. The biggest advantage: Marking plates or marking caps can be moved easily, making conditions easier or more difficult.

Important training aids are also the good old pylons and slalom poles. Whether for marking a slalom course or as an obstacle in goalkeeper training - these small devices for soccer training never go out of fashion, and rightly so.

On the jump: Hurdle sets and cone caps for more jumping power
However, the game of football has not only become more and more technical, but also more and more physical. Strength in the legs is therefore essential for a football player. One of the "easiest", but also most painful ways to build up more muscle power in the lower extremities is through practical bounce exercises.

With the help of hurdle sets, for example, coaches let their players train their sprightliness and bounce, just like in a speed skate, past defenders who are trying to grab the ball. In order to raise the bar in the truest sense of the word, cone caps are also used. These can be adjusted to different heights using a plastic rod. These aids can be used to simulate headers for outfield players as well as flying parades for goalkeepers.

Coordination ladders, sprint harnesses and brake parachutes: the really heavy guns
But the market for training aids is not yet at an end. For example, coordination ladders reminiscent of the "cheese box games" from the playground are used to train motor skills. After all, this is the basis for a fine technique and good ball handling.

In the field of power development, brake parachutes and sprint harnesses are currently all the rage in football training. Both training aids follow the principle of resistance: Sometimes it is the self-generated wind resistance and sometimes it is a teammate that makes it difficult for the person training to get ahead. The training effect is an enormous increase of the acceleration by increasing the maximum strength.

You can find all the product groups mentioned in the well-assorted online shop of - at a fair price and with high-quality equipment.

Training aids at at a glance:
Coordination ladders
Marking plate
Marking hoods
Marking cone / cap
Marking plate with hurdle set
Slalom Poles
Hurdle sets
brake parachutes
skipping ropes
bodysuits/marker shirts
Pop Up Gates
Nets for football-tennis
Free kick wall made of shatterproof plastic

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