ELF Sports Massage Roll
ELF Sports Massage RollELF Sports Massage RollELF Sports Massage RollELF Sports Massage RollELF Sports Massage Roll

ELF Sports Massage Roll

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The ELF Sports Massage Roll accelerates your regeneration after high stress;

EPP is the name of the wonder material, the massage roll. Due to the plastic foam the roller remains hard-wearing and still not too hard. Fascial rolls are now standard in the regeneration program of every athlete. Once trained by a physio or orthopaedic surgeon, the athlete can "treat" himself. Fascial rolls should be used preventively and not necessarily for pain. They loosen up the muscles and therefore enable the athlete to be fitter than the competition the next day;

The role is 30 cm long and six inches high, all in plain black. As Fascia Roll it relaxes the muscles and the body can regenerate faster;

At a glance

  • ELF Sports Massage Roll 
  • Fascial roller for a faster regeneration 
  • Size: 30 x 15 cm 
  • Colour: black
  • Regeneration and prevention
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