ELF Sports Battle Rope - Strength / Endurance Training
ELF Sports Battle Rope - Strength / Endurance TrainingELF Sports Battle Rope - Strength / Endurance TrainingELF Sports Battle Rope - Strength / Endurance Training

ELF Sports Battle Rope - Strength / Endurance Training

9 and 12 kg
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Item description

ELF Sports Battle Rope - strength/endurance training.

Small rope - big effect

The Battle Rope is there in a Length from 12 m and with a diameter of 4 cm (medium, approx. 9 kg) or 5 cm (strong, approx. 12 kg). The rope ends are covered with rubber to provide an optimal grip.

Training with the long-lasting rope is an absolute must for every individual and team athlete and it is impossible to imagine modern athletic training without it. There are innumerable exercise variations and you can use it everywhere, provided there is an anchor point, such as a goalpost. The rope is simply placed around the post in the middle and you can start with the exercises. optimal cost-benefit ratiobecause of the vibrations, it is a very intensive training and can already last 20-40 seconds per exercise. These short strains are especially important for soccer and other team sports, because the players have to play many short intensive intervals ...you have to do. Many muscles are involved at the same time and therefore the energy consumption is very high, especially in the afterburning period. The Body stability is massively improved by this training device, the player is much more robust in duels and can hold his ground better on the ball.

The rope is not only suitable to strengthen the conditional characteristics, but also to train the stamina and therefore to become mentally stronger.

At a glance

  • Ideal for improving body stability (Core Training)
  • Special braid made of synthetic fibres with rubber coated handle ends
  • Length: 12 m, Diameter: 4 cm (medium, approx. 9 kg) and 5 cm (strong, approx. 12 kg)
  • Can be hooked onto the goalpost and training can start
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