Sale DERBYSTAR Training Ball - Bundesliga Brillant TT 20/21
DERBYSTAR Training Ball - Bundesliga Brillant TT 20/21DERBYSTAR Training Ball - Bundesliga Brillant TT 20/21

DERBYSTAR Training Ball - Bundesliga Brillant TT 20/21

Size 5 - standard weight
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Item description

Absolute premium training ball from DERBYSTAR.e.g;The NATIONAL LEAGUE BRILLIANT TT (Team Training) is one of the best training balls currently available on the market, in the new BUNDESLIGA DESIGN.

All DERBYSTAR soccer balls are made ofPU materialexample and are thereforePVC-free. As a result, they are softer and more precise to play, their trajectory is more stable, their jumping behaviour is more precise and they remain supple even at low temperatures. PU balls have a much longer life span than PVC balls.

In addition, DERBYSTAR balls are sewn together with 720 double stitches and 60 corner stitches and finally closed with a double knot, making the ball last longer.

In order to stabilize the football and to obtain a round shape, DERBYSTAR glues several layers of textile materials under the 32 fields. This undergluingIt also regulates the softness and improves the contact between ball and foot. Therefore the DERBYSTAR models are very water-repellent, guarantee optimal stability and unique playing characteristics.

Through the patented zero-wing bladder...which are made of..;High-Performance Natural LatexFor example, the ball remains as round as possible. Together with the integrated counterweightFor example, at the opposite end of the valve, the zero wing concept guarantees a perfectly balanced football with lively bounce. In addition, the playing characteristics, due to the Diamond structure even more realistic.

Due to the Double-Lock ValveFor example, DERBYSTAR models are highly airtight and therefore reduce air loss to a minimum. This saves the tiresome pumping up of the ball before each use.

DERBYSTAR footballs are suitable for all court and weather conditions, as their outstanding workmanship provides optimum protection against the penetration of water and dirt.

A high quality standard is of vital importance to DERBYSTAR, which is why all balls undergo thorough quality control.

Furthermore, this training ball corresponds to the international match ball standard (IMS).

At a glance

  • Premium training ball size 5
  • High durability, water repellent
  • Suitable for all courses
  • Perfect playing characteristics thanks to:
  • Patented zero-wing bubble for an optimal round shape
  • High-tech PU material

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