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JAKO Cue Ball Striker

Size 5 - standard weight
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Item description

The outstanding match ball in silver-grey is a FIFA-PRO-licensed, official match ball from JAKO.

The hand-sewn ball in size 5 has only been available since February 2017 and fascinates with its matt shimmering surface in honeycomb structure with the best ball feeling and optimum flight characteristics. The extra sealed seams of the 32 panels, as well as an additional cushioning layer and triple lamination give the Spielball Striker optimal resistance and durability.

The latex bladder also supports the robust ball to allow as little loss of air pressure as possible.

At a glance

  • Hand-sewn, FIFA-licensed, official match ball in white/silver-grey/black
  • matt shimmering surface in honeycomb structure
  • 32 panels with sealed seams
  • Latex bladder for low air pressure loss
  • Size 5

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