Sale JAKO Youth Ball Futsal Light 3.0
JAKO Youth Ball Futsal Light 3.0JAKO Youth Ball Futsal Light 3.0

JAKO Youth Ball Futsal Light 3.0

Size 4 - 290 grams & 360 grams
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  • white/JAKO blue/neon-green-290g
  • white/JAKO blue/flame-360g

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Item description

The JAKO Youth Ball Futsal Light 3.0 is a hand-sewn training ball which was developed for young footballers. Due to its special ball structure, it has a bounce reduced by half, which improves ball acceptance and processing and makes it run more smoothly indoors.

The result is a more dynamic game than with a normal football. The Futsal Light 3.0 is available in size 4 in 290 g (F and E youth) and 360 g (F and E youth);(D - youth) available from us. This is the official weight as well as the official size for futsal games;

Thanks to its reduced weight, theJAKO Youth Ball Futsal - Light 3.0is suitable for children who have difficulty with standard sizes. Furthermore, its reduced bounce makes it easier to learn ball control and the game;

The ball consists of a soft PU upper material with a polyester carrier material. Because of this its bounce is very precise, the trajectory is stable and it remains soft and supple even at low temperatures;

Its triple lamination guarantees optimal resistance and thanks to the latex bubble, air loss is reduced to a minimum, which saves the need to inflate the ball;

At a glance

  • Hand-sewn futsal ball for our youngest players
  • Modern 14-panel construction for best aerodynamics
  • Special ball construction for reduced bounce
  • Bladder made of soft latex for minimal air loss
  • Gr. 4 - 290 and 360 grams

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