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Item description

The DERBYSTAR Pendulum Ball - SWING is an especially light pendulum ball especially for the head ball training of children. It is especially light and comes with a 2-meter line. Thanks to the possibility of infinitely variable adjustment, it can also be used for goalkeeper or shot training. The Pendelball - Swing is hand sewn and has a weight of about 300 g.e.g;e.g;

The DERBYSTAR Pendulum Ball - SWING is an excellent training tool for training with teenagers in the immensely important game of headers. Thanks to the infinitely variable adjustment possibility with the help of the supplied 2-meter leash, even the different heights of the players are no obstacle. In addition, you can practice and train the volley shot.

At a glance

  • Especially light (300 g)
  • Continuously adjustable
  • including 2-meter leash
  • High durability, water repellent
  • PU material
  • Hand sewn processing
  • 2 years warranty on seam and shape

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