ELF Sports Massage Ball
ELF Sports Massage BallELF Sports Massage BallELF Sports Massage Ball

ELF Sports Massage Ball

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The large, classic fascia role is already familiar to most footballers. The small massage ball, however, is still new territory for many. In principle, the Massage Ball can do everything the Massage Roll can do and a little bit more. The roller can not attack so punctually in hard to reach places of the body.

With groin pain, for example, the roller is too big to get to the right places. However, the ball always finds a way to Musculature to loosen up. Another practical thing about the ball is that it easy to transport thanks to its small diameter and super-light weight;

The ELF Sports Massage Ball has a diameter of 10 cm. It is perfectly suited to take the strains of the last 90 minutes out of Massage fasciae.e.g;

The ball is complete black and consists of EPP, a Plastic foam.e.g;

At a glance

  • ELF Sports Massage Ball 
  • Roll out fasciae 
  • Color: black 
  • Material: EPP
  • diameter: 10 cm
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